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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What skills does your PLC training help me develop?

A: Our training in programmable logic controller helps you develop skills in PLC programming that will help you get a good job as soon as you complete your training.

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Q: Do you have different types of PLC training?

A: Yes. We offer PLC basics training and also training on specific brands such as Allen Bradley PLC training and others. You can choose the training you need.

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Q: Should I always come to the campus for my PLC course?

A: The usual medium of training for our PLC training courses is classroom lectures and laboratory activities. However, if you are not located near our institute, you can also get our PLC online training.

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Q: Where can I get placed after my automation training?

A: Our automation training institute has tie ups with various automation industries in Chennai and other places. You could get placed in one of these companies easily.

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Q: What is the nature of job to be expected after my industrial automation training?

A: There are various industrial automation companies in India. We assist our students to get automation jobs after their training. The nature of the jobs they get will include working with automation equipment and programming the equipment for various processes.

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Q: How can I benefit from process automation training?

A: We offer PLC automation training to help you in several ways. After the training, you will become a skilled automation engineer.

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Q: What are the various types of PLC training that you offer?

A: We offer PLC training in various brands such as Siemens PLC training and others. You can find PLC projects for almost all popular brands.

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Q: I want to know more about your PLC Scada training.

A: Our Scada training helps you get thorough with PLC software/SCADA software. The Scada programming knowledge you acquire through the training will help you perform well at your work.

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Q: What does your PLC training institute specialize in?

A: Our advanced training institute for PLC specializes in several types of PLC automation courses that have helped thousands of engineers in India and also people overseas.

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Q: I’m not a resident of Chennai. Am I left with the only option of taking the course at your PLC training centre?

A: No. We primarily conduct coaching classes in Chennai. However, we are also located in other places of the country. Get our list of PLC training centres with schedule and fees for more details.

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